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Customers Comments and Feedback

  • Melanie Rose - Moto45 - I had three collage prints made and designed of the amazing photos taken at Moto45 of my fella and his mates. I picked them up and what I can say is they are AMAZING......I will defo be purchasing more from Salvatore and L-E-O-Photography. The quality / time and effort that has gone in was brilliant. Thank you. Again I'm very happy and looking forward to showing my fella what i've had done for him and his mates xx

  • Margaret & Richard Caddy - Victory Lodge No4009 - Thank you so much for your kindness and the time you took taking our photos at the Victory Lodge 4009 night. The photos are lovely and we are delighted with them. Love and best wishes, Margaret and Richard.

  • Amanda Hayward - Victory Lodge No4009 - Dear Sal, thank you so much for being part of our superb eveneing. It was so lovely that we had your beatiful pictures to keep the memory of the night alive.
  • Tristan Nunn - British 4X Series - "Great photos, sadly none of plate number 368 in vets, but it did not stop me enjoying the shots you got, great camera work"
  • Lee High-Stephenson - Moto45 - Cheers for the Facebook photos, are you sure it's me as they look too good.
  • Andrew Mahon -  British 4X Series - Great photos every time
  • Julie Bremridge - British 4X Series - brilliant photos
  • David (ApeBars) Savage - British 4X Series - Supoerb Photographer, nothing is too much trouble.....always there clicking away, whatever the venue, weather or sport....recommended.
  • Judi Kearsley (CJMX): "Thanks Salvatore Rigione for great pics! The one we ordered came in post yesterday and its wicked! Jac loves it. Ordered it sunday and it was here wednesday! Lovely clear quality print"
  • Mike Battaglia (Moto45): "Thanks for the pics Sal, they were mega easy to download from the site you sent me the link for and superb quality too, cheers :o)"
  • Ashleigh Lange (RLS4X) - "Would like to thank Sal for some amazing photos printed from the RLS4X race held by TheBikeYard, the pictures look mega. Cheers dude".
  • Nathan While (Moto45): "Thanks for photos, they're great, arrived perfect condition couldnt of got better. Cheers"
  • Yati lock (TheBikeYard): "Thank you Sal, the photo is beautiful"
  • Joanna Mayer (BN4X @ Afan): "Thank you very much for sending the photos - they are fantastic".
  • Ashley Hughes (The Ranch MX): "Would like to say thanks 2 salvatore rigione for the awesome pics so cheers dude much appreciated"
  • Nicki Cockerton (The Ranch MX): "Cheers Sal, photos were great defo recommend".
  • Andrea Shuttleworth (The Ranch MX): "Fantastic pictures Sal thank u, definetly recomend him everyone".


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